Private Yoga Classes

Private Yoga Instruction

Are You Curious About Yoga?

Are you intimidated by walking into a class with no experience?

Do you have an injury or condition that requires specific attention?

Do you have a group of friends that would love to get together and relax?

Begin or enhance your yoga practice with private yoga classes designed just for you, by our most experienced yoga teachers.

We can provide space at our studio, outdoors or at your home for your private yoga session(s)

Private yoga classes can:

Introduce yoga in a safe, nurturing way to the new and curious yogi

Assist seasoned practitioners in deepening their practice

Give you the space and time to answer specific questions in a specialized class for your needs

Provide relaxation and stress relief so that you can live all parts of your life to the fullest

Private Yoga + Small Group Sessions Available Upon Request

Have a particular idea in mind? Talk with us and let us help you.

For more information and rates,  please address your questions to:

Karen Black, owner 

[email protected]


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